tramocc - TRAnsaction MOnitoring in a CallCenter -

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4. Rough design of a new process

4.1 Data flow

The data flow and the amount of forms and reports will stay the same as with the current process, but can be refined or increased without extra work. All data and reports can be seen at any time, since the outcome of a finished monitoring goes directly into the report without the need to register the data again.

4.2 User Interface

The interface to all forms and reports will be available via Intranet and/or Internet, so that they're available from any PC.

The particular possibilities in the interface are controlled by userID's with passwords, e.g. a Supervisor has only read-access to the monitoring forms, except if he's also a monitor, but write-access to the reports; Management has only read-access to all forms and reports, except for those for which they're responsible.

4.3 Registering of data

All data for this whole process is collected once during the active monitoring with usage of previous collected data, e.g. Agent details. The data for the reports are extracted automatically out of these data and can be checked at any time by everybody who has the appropriate access rights.

4.4 Program Interface

In order to share data with other applications, e.g. measurement of employee performance (MEP), an internal protocol has to be considered. It could be possible to export the relevant data into a MS Excel sheet from which it is pulled by a macro into the MEP-sheets or (even better) the MEP-process could be integrated into this TM-process.

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